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  • Tubular Chipboard

    The inner enviroment of the areas we live in is very important for us. Designing the spaces in a convenient and comfortable way will provide us with more achivements in our lives.What’s more is that aesthetic beauty will beautify to our soul. Convenience is not the last step. With the devel...
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  • Some advices for you when choosing storage racks

      Are you confused when seeing a crowded garage or warehouse? How many times you have made decisions to let it well-orgonized? Storage racks are specially deisgned to solve this problem. In this article, we’ll discuss different kinds of storage racks and tips when selecting the best o...
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  • tubular chipboard for door cores: ideal for strong and durable doors

    tubular chipboard for door cores: ideal for strong and durable doors

    When building a strong and durable door, the choice of door core material plays a vital role in determining the overall strength and longevity of the door. 38mm tubular chipboard is a material that is popular for its excellent qualities as a door core. This innovative material has revolutionized ...
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  • LVL plywood Door Frame

    LVL door frame is a widely used material in mordern door and window industry in recent years. As a short form of Laminated Veneer Lumber, it is a kind of multi-laminated plywood. Different from normal plywood,LVL door frame has many advantages:high strength,more stable and eco-friendly, which mak...
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  • Engineer Door Core Comparison

    Better core,better door.Doors play an important role in interior decorations,while door core plays an important factor in wooden door producing. Door skins show luxury and aesthetics,while door core offers brace and structural stablity. Now,let us enumerate the common options for door core. 1.Sol...
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  • WPC board vs ACP board vs Wood: which is better

    Various cladding materials also provide strength and durability to a building’s exterior structure. Covering the exterior walls of residential or commercial building adds complexity to the overall design of the building. When choosing wall covering materials, people may be a little confused...
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  • Outdoor WPC Board

    Outdoor WPC Board

    Outdoor WPC board is mainly used into 2 areas: decking and cladding. With more sunshine, rain and temperature changes, it must bear more properties than indoor ones. Now more and more people are focusing on the benefits of outdoor activities, WPC decking is in great demand for homeowners who want...
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  • What Is WPC and What Is It For

    What Is WPC and What Is It For

    WPC panel, known as Wood Plastic Composite, is such a new material that is composited by wood, plastic and high-polymer. It is now widely accepted by people, and used in indoor and outdoor decorations, toys-producing, landscapes and so on. WPC wall panel is an innovative...
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  • Wooden Door

    Wooden Door

    For home decorations, wooden door lie in the first priority. As the improvement of living level, people show more and more attention to the quality and designs to the doors.Shandong Xing Yuan offers a whole solution of door producing. Here is the brief introduction of wo...
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